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We are a small breeding facility dedicated exclusively to producing Friesians, Gypsians, Norwegian Fjords and Friesian Sport Horses with an emphasis on dressage, family horses and many excel in other disciplines and would also make great family horses. All horses are raised at our facility, and we ensure all of our horses are either tested or clear by parentage for genetically resilient horses. Our horses are our dearest passion, and we wish for them to enjoy the best lives possible. We are selective in picking out the appropriate owners for our foals, because we are invested in their long term well being. We are devoted to providing our clients with an equine experience they can look forward to. Pathbreaking transparency is one of our greatest strengths, providing the natural result of welcoming them into our equine family. For us, the updates on the foals as they age are an irreplaceable reminder of all of the dedication we put into this venture. The health and mental well being of our horses is our number one priority. All of our horses and foals receive the best quality hay, supplements, and grain. Additionally, our farrier is on a regular schedule to ensure everyone's foot health is consistently cared for. It is so crucial to the development of the foal to keep their hooves naturally balanced. Additionally, they learn to stand for their future farrier visits. Over the past three decades, we've been dedicated to developing trusted relationships with our foals and young horses. We go above and beyond by placing an emphasis on producing respectful, happy individuals. We understand that horses need to have a solid foundation, which puts forth a better tomorrow for them and their loved ones. The health and wellbeing of our horses are our main priorities. Limiting the number of foals we produce each year to ten or fewer enables us to provide individual attention to each horse, resulting in a more pleasant and more comfortable beginning for all. We are known for our honest demeanor, for listening to our client's needs and wishes, and for personally finding the best possible match for them within our available horses. As soon as you have chosen your new equine partner from us, we can happily provide additional pictures and updates until it is time for you to bring your horse home. We look forward to doing business with you! Thank you for your interest in our farm. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions, or let us know what you are looking for in order to be added to our waiting list for future foals.


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