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Devon Farm is a small farm dedicated to breeding exceptional dispositions, beautiful conformation and stunning looks for your consideration for your next gaited horse!  Home of Black Overo Tennessee Walking Horses & Dun TWH's!


25 June 2012 Published in Mares

Devon Farm! 

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Honkey Tonk Sensation "Fancy" has been with us since she was a coming 2 year old.  My daughter Trish has loved and ridden her throughout - the adventures and memories that they have shared can never be replaced.  What an honor to have such an amazing horse in our midst for such a long time.  Oh - I am updating this as I have had a few emails of folks wanting to know if she is for sale "N O" :)  She will be with us always!  Thank you to those that did inquire for the amazing compliments!  You can't sell a family member and Fancy is absolutely part of the family!

Devon Farm! 

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BraveHeart - Sire is Romeo - pictured below (Nero v.d. Haaghoeve) Dam is D.D. (TWH)

Romeo Photos above!


This absolutely STUNNING Friesian Sport horse is being offered until weaning for $2500.00 or $3500.00 with his dam (she is bred back to our TWH Overo stallion)

I think I will call her June Bug!

Devon Farm! 

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Don't miss your chance at such an amazing filly - priced until weaning at $3,500.00 (price will go up at weaning)

She has personality plus, movement that is over the top, looks, brains and that very desirable double dilute on the buckskin gene!!!!



Moonlight Serenade D.F. 

Devon Farm! 

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This beautiful Black Overo Tennessee Walking Horse will have his first crop of foals in 2013 and we are so excited!!!  


You can purchase one of his foals in utero for 2013 - prices start at 2500.  Check our mare pages to see who looks like a nice match for you!


Stud fee to breed to your mare is 500.00 plus mare care!


Devon Farm! 


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He's not unbelievable, he's Dunbelievable!
I'm Dunbelievable L.S. is a stunning rare
grulla (grullo) Tennessee Walking Horse stallion
shown in the photos as an early two year
old.  (The grullo color is not in itself
"rare", but grullo walkers are.)  "Dunny"
has a laid back disposition, excellent
dun coloration, and good conformation
with a beautiful topline and long, arched
neck.  Most importantly, he has a smooth
four beat gait at liberty.  


Dunny is doing great under saddle he just went for a 4 mile ride the other day and I am very pleased!  

Dunny's pedigree is outstanding.  His paternal pedigree includes Coin's Hard Cash, Pride's Gold 
Coin, Pride of Midnight, Sun's Delight D., Mack K's Handshaker, Triple Threat, and Midnight Sun. 
Maternal pedigree includes Pride of Midnight, Sun's Delight D., Carbon Copy, and Ebony 

We are very happy to report that Dunny has an abundance of "dun factor" - duns can have a 
wide range of expression and Dunny has many markings specific to dun including the line down 
his back, ear bars and tips, face mask, cheek marks, cobwebbing, wither stripe, fishboning, tail 
cap, mane frosting, brow marks, leg striping, zippers and more.  Noted equine photographer Pj 
Wamble recently photographed Dunny and we encourage you to check back for updates to this 
page to view her work.  In addition, photos of Dunny's specific dun markings will be available 
on a dun FAQ page in the near future.  

As a side note, yes, dun is considered a dilution gene.  However, do not confuse it with the cream 
gene.   You can have the dun and the cream gene in the same horse as you often see in the Paso
Fino, QH & other breeds.  They will have the dorsal stripes, leg barring & other dun factors but their 

coat will be lightened by the addition of the cream gene!

Dunny's sire, Dunn Cashed In, is a chestnut based dun making it possible for Dunny to sire all 
shades of dun, depending on the color genetics of the mare he is bred to.  We thank Mary 
Bittner of Deer Creek Farm for the opportunity to own this fine stallion.  I'm Dunbelievable 
L.S. will stand to a limited number of outside mares.  Contact us for more
information and to reserve your booking now.


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