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Puppy Application!

Thank you for completing this application/questionnaire in full and sending it to us.  If you have any questions or concerns, please include them in the space at the end of this application/questionnaire. We want applicants that have given thought to the responsibility that is necessary in owning a well bred Dane.  Placement of our pups in a loving home, is as important to us as the time and energy we devote to each planned breeding and the time we spend raising our puppies. Whether our pups are “pet” or “show” quality, we will only place them in homes that can provide the type of care they deserve. We do this not only for the well being of our dogs, but to help maintain the high standard of this breed we love so much.  It is imperative that our gentle giants have a fenced in yard for exercise and going for walks is a necessity, not a luxury.   Completing this application/questionnaire in no way guarantees that you will qualify for a puppy.  Our breeding program is very carefully decided and only sell to qualified homes.  Our dogs are pets and companions first and show dogs second.  We will take into consideration your completed questionnaire to determine who you are and your specific needs and whether we can fill them for you. This will help us to get to know more about you, a potential home for one of our puppies.  We will use your answers to determine your qualifications to provide a home for a Great Dane Puppy.  Devon Great Danes is proud to be the winning team to provide you with your next Champion or Companion Great Dane.  When you become a part of what we call our "Extend-A-Dane Family"  you can count on us for the life of your beloved Great Dane and beyond!
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