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Panda - Black Overo TWH - Homozygous Black! TWHBEA # 21003896

Written by  // 04 March 2016 //
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Generating Panda Moons


Devon Farm! 

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This beautiful Black Overo Tennessee Walking Horse who is also homozygous for black (NO RED FOALS) is everything you could ever ask for!


You can purchase one of his foals in utero for 2016 - prices start at 3500.  Check our mare pages to see who looks like a nice match for you!


Stud fee to breed to your mare is 500.00 plus mare care!

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Devon Farm is a small farm dedicated to breeding exceptional dispositions, beautiful conformation and stunning looks for your consideration for your next gaited horse!  Home of Black Overo Tennessee Walking Horses & Dun TWH's!

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