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Written by  // 25 June 2012 //
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Devon Farm! 

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Honkey Tonk Sensation "Fancy" has been with us since she was a coming 2 year old.  My daughter Trish has loved and ridden her throughout - the adventures and memories that they have shared can never be replaced.  What an honor to have such an amazing horse in our midst for such a long time.  Oh - I am updating this as I have had a few emails of folks wanting to know if she is for sale "N O" :)  She will be with us always!  Thank you to those that did inquire for the amazing compliments!  You can't sell a family member and Fancy is absolutely part of the family!

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Devon Farm is a small farm dedicated to breeding exceptional dispositions, beautiful conformation and stunning looks for your consideration for your next gaited horse!  Home of Black Overo Tennessee Walking Horses & Dun TWH's!

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